Technology mission

The Center endeavors to develop, research, and evaluate applications of new technologies in education and service for persons with disabilities. Students and professionals from multiple disciplines work together to:

  1. Enhance legal, counseling, and research skills of students and professionals who use technology in work and education.
  2. Partner with businesses, educational institutions, and other organizations to create or upgrade technologies to accessible formats.
  3. Develop distance learning methods to train students and professionals (for instance, projects for Web-based instruction to train rehabilitation professionals).
  4. Develop and disseminate universally accessible technological environments (for instance, Web pages, distance learning, computer-based instruction).

Fundamental Missions

Education - Provide quality education to all students and professionals.

Research - Promote quality research and information exchange with respect to law, health policy, and disabilities.

Service - Provide to individual and community partners to enhance awareness of disability and health-related matters.

Technologies - Pursue research on new technologies and evaluate their applications in education and service for persons with disabilities.