Service mission

The Center partners with local and national agencies and consumers, to maintain and enhance diversity and sense of community. Consumers, the Center staff and students, and agency personnel collaborate to:

  1. Prepare and disseminate legal, policy, and research information on the Americans with Disabilities act and related laws.
  2. Provide local and national resources about law, health policy, and disabilities through presentations and publications.
  3. Disseminate information to improve community integration for persons with disabilities.
  4. Maintain the mission and purpose of the Center through partnership with educational institutions, employers, policymakers, consumers, and community agencies in all of the Center's activities.
  5. Provide direct service to practitioners and consumers through Center programs.

Fundamental Missions

Education - Provide quality education to all students and professionals.

Research - Promote quality research and information exchange with respect to law, health policy, and disabilities.

Service - Provide to individual and community partners to enhance awareness of disability and health-related matters.

Technologies - Pursue research on new technologies and evaluate their applications in education and service for persons with disabilities.