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Nondiscriminatory Job Interview

This course is designed to provide basic information about fair recruiting, interviewing, and hiring practices to help employers get the best person for the job. Lots of good applicants show up at employers' doors and employers have to find a way to hire those who have the best skills, who fit in with the organizational culture, and who are good workers and employees. This training helps employers and job applicants learn the fine points of the hiring process that will help them zero in on the most important issue in the hiring process — getting the right person into the job.

This training includes the following sections:

  • Introduction to the ADA
  • Recruiting People with Disabilities
  • Disclosure of a Disability
  • Reasonable Accommodations
  • Types of Interviews
  • Conducting an Interview
  • Hiring Decisions
  • Test Your Knowledge

The Nondiscriminatory Job Interview training was funded by the Nellie Ball Trust Research Fund, MidWestOne Bank, Trustee.

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Job Analysis to Accommodate Workers with Disabilities

This course is designed to provide basic information about analyzing jobs to help employers enhance workers' productivity. A job analysis provides useful information that informs human resource personnel and employers about the tasks that are essential to a job so they can make informed decisions about providing support to workers that can help them become more productive and to perform the essential functions of a job with reasonable accommodation. This can be especially useful for accommodating people with disabilities.

This training includes the following sections:

  • Job analysis and people with disabilities
  • Defining the job and determining its essential functions
  • Worker characteristics needed to perform the job tasks
  • A detailed description of the work performed
  • An analysis of the environmental conditions for the job

The training teaches the reasons for performing a job analysis, including legal reasons, how to gather information and define the job and job tasks, how to interview a subject matter expert about the job, and how to document the analysis using standard forms, which include worker characteristics, work performed, and environmental conditions forms.

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