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  1. Employment: Availability or access to employers or the workforce development system.
  2. Housing: Availability and repair to any type of housing or shelter.
  3. Transportation: Availability and repair to any type of transportation systems.
  4. Education: Availability or access to general or regular education services.
  5. Health: Availability or access to healthcare or hospitals does not include access or availability of health insurance or medical related benefits.
  6. Essential Supplies: Availability or access to food or clothing or other relief supplies except for housing.
  7. Emergency Commumication: The communication or coordination between the federal, state and local EPR systems.
  8. Assistive Technology: Availability or access to assistive technology.
  9. Benefits: The availability of benefits such as social security, Medicaid, food stamps or access to benefits counselors.
  10. Other Issues

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