2002 Winter Employment Conference

The Second Annual Winter Employment Conference was January 24, 2002 at the Boyd Law Building on the campus of the University of Iowa in Iowa City. The title of the conference was "Re-Thinking Best Employment Practices" and was co-sponsored by the University of Iowa Law, Health Policy and Disability Center, Region 7 CRP-RCEP, Great Plains ADA Project, and Polk County Health Services.

Introductory Remarks
- Jay Semel, Director, Obermann Center for Advanced Studies

Sheltered Workshops: A Role in Community Employment
- Dr. Helen Schartz

Helen Schartz has completed a research project in which she tracked the employment records of individuals with disabilities employed in sheltered workshops in seven different states. The purpose of the research was to determine if people in sheltered employment were transitioning to community employment. She reports the results of that study in this session.

The Changing Role of Community Rehabilitation Programs
- Dr. Fred Menz

Across the nation Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRP's) play a critical role in assisting people with disabilities to obtain employment. What sets the best of these programs apart from the rest? Fred Menz has been examining the practices of many CRP's in the nation for the past several years and outlines his findings in this session.

In Search of a New Direction
- Dr. Peter Blanck, Michael Morris, and Leonard Sandler

Government policy is now focused on increasing the labor force participation of persons with disabilities. However, this shift in policy has not resulted in much success. This luncheon address by Peter Blanck, Michael Morris, and Leonard Sandler will examine what needs to be done to promote self-sufficiency and inclusion for people with disabilities.

Supported Employment: The Next Generation
- Kim Sullivan, Kelly Matter, & Rob Hoffman

Although more people with disabilities are in supported employment than ever before, the majority of individuals are working in part-time, low wage jobs. In this session Kim Sullivan, Rob Hoffman, and Kelly Matter will describe why employer involvement and education and training are critical to improving supported employment outcomes.

Additional Information

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Jay Semel - 6 minutes
Helen Schartz pt 1 - 17 minutes
Helen Schartz pt 2 - 21 minutes
Fred Menz pt 1 - 25 minutes
Fred Menz pt 2 - 29 minutes
Blanck intro - 3 minutes
Michael Morris - 20 minutes
Leonard Sandler - 7 minutes
Sullivan intro - 2 minutes
Rob Hoffman - 19 minutes
Kelly Matter - 30 minutes
Kim Sullivan - 19 minutes