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Training and Dissemination Overview

Training Activities will allow for the distribution of the research findings to the diverse target audiences:

  • employers
  • IT trainers and professionals
  • persons with disabilities in diverse employment settings
  • other researchers
  • relevant policymakers
  • IT training certification bodies
  • human resource managers
  • community colleges and university continuing education programs
  • Centers for Independent Living and other disabilities-related organizations

Training and dissemination strategies used to reach these audiences will include:

  • trade association and conference breakout sessions
  • conference presentations
  • publications
  • webcasts
  • audio conferences
  • self-paced online distance learning courses
  • online listservs

The dissemination activities will be offered in numerous formats such as:

  • Information briefs and magazine articles geared toward trade publications
  • journal articles
  • conferences
  • a project website with links to online resources such as a listserv and electronic bulletin board
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