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"Research shows there is a demand for, and shortage of, trained information technology (IT) workers. Research also shows the percentage of working individuals with disabilities in substantially lower than the percentage of working people without disability.

Increasing the employment of individuals with disabilities in IT-related jobs would reduce the shortage for trained IT workers and increase the employment of individuals with disabilities."


  • Identify barriers to and facilitators of the hiring, retention, advancement, and wages of individuals with disabilities
  • Test strategies to improve hiring, retention, advancement and wages of individuals with disabilities
  • Provide training and disseminate research findings

Research Overview
Training and Dissemination
Investigative Team & Expert Panel

NIDRR Project Officer: Richard Wilson
IT Works is 100% funded by US Department of Education grant H133A011803


Job Analysis Online Training now available.

Status Updates

IT Works Ability Awards given to IMB, Microsoft and Xerox

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