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    Area of Research

  1. Relationship Between Selected Federal and State Policies in a Post ADA Environment
    Lead Researcher: Bobby Silverstein

  2. Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and the Disability Policy Framework
    Lead Researcher: Duke Storen & Bobby Silverstein

  3. Welfare Reform
    Lead researcher: Michael Collins

  4. Workforce Investment Act
    Lead Researcher: Bobby Silverstein & Michael Morris

  5. State Efforts to Implement Work Incentives and Linkages to Affordable Health Care
    Lead Researcher: Allen Jensen

  6. Ticket to Work
    Lead Researcher: Bobby Silverstein

  7. Outcome-Based Reimbursement Strategies and Consumer Choice and Direction of Employment and Rehabilitation Services
    Lead Researcher: Michael Collins

  8. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - Business Case Studies
    Lead Researcher: Peter Blanck