Publications - Leonard A. Sandler

  1. "The Quest to Make Accessibility a Corporate Article of Faith at Microsoft: Case Study of Corporate Culture and Human Resource Dimensions" (2005)
    - Leonard A. Sandler & Peter Blanck
    - Behavioral Sciences & the Law , 23(1), 39-64.
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    · Abstract | Full-text PDF

  2. "Calling On the Iowa Utilities Board To Improve Telephone Access for Persons with Disabilities" (2002)
    - prepared by the University of Iowa Clinical Law Program
    · Information page

  3. "The Emerging Workforce of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities: Preliminary Study of Entrepreneurship in Iowa" (2000)
    Peter D. Blanck, Leonard A. Sandler, James L. Schmeling, Helen A. Schartz
    85 Iowa L. Rev. 1691 (2000).
    · Download page for publication files and accompanying demographic charts

  4. "ADA Title III and the Internet: Technology and Civil Rights" (2000)
    Peter D. Blanck and Leonard Sandler
    Mental and Physical Disability Law Reporter. Vol. 24 No 5 - Sep/Oct 2000
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