Accessible Video in a Diverging Web Environment
David Klein and K. "Fritz" Thompson

Presentation at the Association of Educational Communications and Technology annual conference: "Exploring the Vision"

Orlando, FL
October 22, 2005


  1. PowerPoint presentation (You should have PowerPoint or the PowerPoint viewer to view this file.)
  2. Flash video player (zipped for download) - This file is the published Flash application (.swf file). Note that the appropriate accessibility features may not yet be enabled on this player so that the controls will be read by a screen reader.
  3. Flash video player source (.fla file) - Created with Flash MX 2004 Professional. You will need at least Flash MX 2004 to view this file.
  4. Sample configuration file (XML file in text format) - Required for the video player. Copy code and paste into a file called "captions.xml". Save in the same location as the .swf file. Replace parameters in the appropriate places with your own.

Please note that this version of the video player may not be accessible to screen readers for the controls. I'm still working on that.