Disability Law & Policy e-Newsletter

Disability Law & Policy e-Newsletter is a free, monthly publication summarizing current information about disability law and policy. The newsletter aims to inform disability advocates, scholars, and service providers of the most current issues in disability law, policy, research, best practices, and breaking news, which includes the following topics:

  1. CIVIL RIGHTS: ADA, Section 504, CRPD Ratification
  2. WORKFORCE: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Vocational Rehabilitation
  3. EDUCATION: Special Education, Youth Transition, Postsecondary Education, & Outcomes
  4. HEALTHCARE: Access, Services, Benefits, and the Affordable Care Act
  5. TECHNOLOGY: Assistive, Information, and Communication Technologies
  6. INDEPENDENCE: Community Integration
  7. INTERNATIONAL: Topics Outside the United States
  8. POP CULTURE: News and Topics Vary
  9. EVENTS AND FUNDING: Conferences, Calls for Proposals, Papers, and Presentations

Editorial Board

The Disability Law & Policy e-Newsletter is a collaborative production of the Law, Health Policy & Disability Center at the University of Iowa College of Law, and the Burton Blatt Institute: Centers of Innovation on Disability at Syracuse University.

The Disability Law & Policy e-Newsletter is supported by the following sources:

For more information: http:disability.law.uiowa.edu/lhpdc/projects/

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