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Research shows there is demand for, and shortage of, trained information technology (IT) workers. Research also shows the percentage of working individuals with disabilities is substantially lower than the percentage of working people without a disability.

Increasing the employment of individuals with disabilities in IT-related jobs would reduce the shortage for trained IT workers and increase the employment of individuals with disabilities.



Training and Dissemination:

Training activities will allow for the distribution of the research findings to the diverse target audiences:

Training and dissemination strategies used to reach these audiences will include:

The dissemination activities will be offered in numerous formats such as:

** IT Works is 100 percent funded by U.S. Department of Education grant H133A011803


Disability Center Sponsors Awards to Honor IT firms

Contact Information

University of Iowa

Information Technology Association of America - ITAA

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Human Subjects Review

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Grant Proposal submitted to NIDRR
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Presentation at the 2002 Issues Forum
- James Schmeling and Kevin Schartz
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Status Updates

Grant begins November 1, 2001.

Literature review in progress.

Survey construction in progress.