2002 Leadership Challenges on Employment Policy

Audio Conference Series - March 28, 2002

One-Stop Accessibility

Featured speakers:

Moderator: Michael Morris
Director, RRTC on Workforce Investment and Employment Policy for Persons with Disabilities

Alexandra Kielty
Division Chief, disAbility Initiatives Unit
Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor

Rick Beasley
Director, Missouri Division of Workforce Development
Missouri Department of Economic Development

Andy Winnegar and Bill Newroe
New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
New Mexico One Project

Sally Weiss and Marsha Allen
Southeast Disability & Business Technical Assistance Center

Elizabeth Neidle
Regional Director of Workforce Development
Goodwill Industries of Pittsburgh

This presentation discusses:

The passage of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) marked the beginning of a new opportunity to develop a coordinated workforce development system. At a local level, a Workforce Investment Board (WIB) has the responsibility to design a system of services and supports that provides universal access to working age adults with and without disabilities. A network of One-Stop Resource Centers is the entry point for the workforce development system at the local community level. A One-Stop Center will make available core, intensive and training services to support skills development, career advancement, and job search activities.

Section 188 of the Act protects individuals with disabilities against discrimination in access and effective and meaningful participation in the services and supports offered through the workforce development system.

This audio conference will present strategies being implemented at both a state and local level that are achieving successful results in their identification and reduction of barriers to physical, communication, and program accessibility in One-Stop centers. The audio conference will also feature a self paced online course developed by the Southeast Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center titled "At Your Service: Welcoming Customers with Disabilities." All speakers will identify ongoing challenges to participation in One-Stops by persons with disabilities and their effective utilization of technology assistance, customer service, and cross agency training to make a difference.


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Laura Farah
Program Associate
Law, Health Policy & Disability Center
University of Iowa
College of Law