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PAR and Community-Based Research

PAR and Community-Based Research websites

  1. Alberta Community Council on HIV
    This site discusses what is meant by community-based research (CBR) and also contains links to the Alberta Community Council's HIV CBR research proposal and work plan.
  2. Scottish Human Services Trust (SHS)
    This website contains some PAR studies and includes links with summaries and interim reports outlining the progress of the organization has made.
  3. Link to one of the SHS reports
    An action research project supporting a group of young people with learning difficulties to research and develop an information resource for young people with the same disability who are leaving school and moving on to adulthood.
  4. Action Evaluation Research Institute
    This site has a methodology section ( It also has a link to brief descriptions of the group's current and past projects ( There is also a list of papers published on the page (
  5. Loka Institute
    This site is an organization focusing on community-based research. It contains the document, “Doing Community-Based Research: A Reader” which is a compilation of 12 articles addressing the hows and whys of community-based research. []
  6. Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation--American Evaluation Association
    Empowerment evaluation is the use of evaluation concepts, techniques, and findings to foster improvement and self-determination. It employs both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. It is designed to help people help themselves and improve their programs using a form of self-evaluation and reflection. This site contains a presentation empowerment evaluation plus a detailed list of Internet resources, software, handbooks and guides, and related associations.
  7. Community Development Resources
    A site for a fledgling organization of researchers interested in Participatory Research - that hosts discussions, links to resources, and, upon joining, will share its list of fellow members.
  8. ELDIS Participation Guide
    ELDIS is a gateway to information on development issues, providing free and easy access to wide range of high quality online resources. It is a site rich in resources about the application of participatory research in community development, economic development and facilitating local leadership.
  9. Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK
    The site focused on participatory development. It has four key themes:
    1. Participation, poverty and policy
    2. Citizenship, participation and governance
    3. The theory and practice of participation
    4. Institutional change and participation
  10. Society for Community Research and Action
    As part of the American Psychological Association, this group is a professional organization promoting participatory action research methods and theory.
  11. Living Knowledge Database
    The Living Knowledge Database is an interactive “information warehouse”, providing users with resources and tools related to CBR. The database provides valuable information about research projects, including their results, impacts, funding resources and organizational affiliations. It provides a good resource for papers from different projects. It was compiled by the Loka Institute.
  12. Weblink to Participatory Action Research websites
    This site lists a large number of web sites that focus on PAR. Although there is no evaluation of the linked web sites, it does appear as though the majority of them are current. Additionally, the content of many of the links seems to be useful.

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