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Grant Writing websites

  1. Eastern Michigan University, Office of Research Development “ORD Handbook for Proposal Writers and Project Directors” is very wonderful site. Not only is it easy to navigate, but also it provides clear and detailed information.
  2. Beth A. Fischer and Michael J. Zigmond's “Grantspersonship: An Instruction Manual” is from the Survival Skills and Ethics Program at the University of Pittsburgh. This document, copyrighted in 2000, provides 16 steps to obtaining grants and fellowships. Although this is not the strongest site, it provides a comprehensive skeletal framework to follow.
  3. Jacob Kraicer's “The Art of Gransmanship” provides a good 13 page document, explaining various stages of grant writing. Additionally, it has a very thorough timeline for the applicant to follow.
  4. University of Michigan, Division of Research Development and Administration “Proposal Writer's Guide” has easy to understand tips on each section of the grant application and what it should contain. Although it does not contain information on how to prepare for grant writing, it does have a nice guide for the actual application itself.
    · http://www.research
  5. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting's website offers a short, succinct directive to grant writing. This provides a preliminary overview of the grant writing steps that are generalizable to many different topics.
  6. The Non-Profit Guides provide directions to grant writing, as well as extensive examples of the parts of the application. Overall, it is easy to navigate and understand.

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