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Research, Conference Presentations, Speeches, and Journals on Assistive Technology

  1. Calling on the Iowa Utilities Board to Improve Telephone Access for Persons with Disabilities
    - A report prepared by the University of Iowa Clinical Law Program, April 24, 2002

  2. Highlights from the NIDRR/RESNA/University of Michigan Survey of Assistive Technology and Information Technology Use and Need by Persons with Disabilities in the United States
    - Authored by Dawn Carlson, Ph.D., Nathaniel Ehrlich, Ph.D., Betty Jo Berland, Ph.D., and Nell Bailie, MN

  3. Disability's New Paradigm: Implications for Assistive Technology and Universal Design
    - Katherine D. Seelman, Ph.D.
    - A presentation at the 1998 TIDE (Technology Initiative for the Integration of Disabled and Elderly people) Congress, "Improving the Quality of Life for the European Citizen: Technology for Inclusive Design and Equality, Helsinki, Finland

  4. Telecom problems and design strategies for individuals with cognitive disabilities

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