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Assistive Technology Resources

Donated Computers

  1. Cristina Foundation
    Provides used computer technology resources and training.

General Information and Research

  1. The Alliance for Technology Access (ATA)
    Provides information and support services to individuals utilizing AT
  2. Assistive Technology Training Online Project (ATTO)
    Information and basic training on AT issues aimed at young school children.
  3. Center for Assistive Technology
    Information about AT research, education, dissemination, and service programs.
  4. disABILITY Information and Resources
    Many links provided that deal with AT and other issues of interest.
  5. Disability
    Large amount of information about independent living, including AT.
  6. Fritschi's Assistive Technology Links
    A wide variety of links that deal with many AT topics.
  7. ICAN Fact Sheet
    This provides a wide variety of information about AT and simple modifications (primarily indended for Independent Living residents, but useful to a wider audience).
    Addresses AT and various modifications broadly (primarily intended for Independent Living residents, but useful to a wider audience).
  9. Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA)
    An interdisciplinary association for the advancement of rehabilitation and AT.
    · and
    RESNA's Technical Assistance Program
  10. Tech Connections
    Disseminates AT information, assistance, and training for various programs (however, much of the information may be useful to an individual AT user).
  11. University of Kentucky: National Assistive Technology Research Institute
    A wide variety of information about AT laws, ongoing research, etc.

Legal Information

  1. The National Assistive Technology Advocacy Project
    Provides a wide array of legal information concerning AT services in general (aimed primarily at NY residents - warning, not an easy site to navigate).


  1. Ability Hub Assistive Technology Solutions
    Information about AT products from multiple vendors as well as general AT information.
    Comprehensive overview of over 17,000 AT products.
  3. Apple Computer's Solutions for People with Special Needs
    Information concerning modifications for Macintosh computers.
    Information about AT, adaptive environments, and community resources.
  5. AT Journal
    A bi-monthly publication concerning AT products and issues.
  6. Closing the Gap
    A computer technology guide aimed at special education and rehabilitation.
  7. IBM Accessibility Center
    Accessibility information for computers as well as other AT issues.
    Provides an AT products referral system (able to receive some information for no charge).
  9. USA TechGuide
    Easy to navigate guide for AT products from an array of vendors.


  1. Adapted Toy Information
    Offers basic ideas for simple toy adaptations, plus links to a resource list.
  2. Let's Play! Project
    Aims to provide ideas and information about ways to play through the use of AT.

Web Site Accessibility

  1. Bobby
    Test web pages to determine problems in accessibility and ways to remedy them.
  2. Trace Center: Designing more useable web sites
    Addresses various aspects of making web sites accessible.
  3. Web Accessibility Initiative
    Information concerning how to increase web accessibility.

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